Sunday, 17 March 2013

Skiing In Patagonia 2013

If you have not yet ventured down to South America to ski then hesitate no longer … you’ll be amazed at what the Cordillera de los Andes has to offer and how easy the trip will be. Varied options cater for all levels of skiers and adventurers:

- arrangements for the varied choice of ski resorts (August and September are ideal)
- guided backcountry trips with hut to hut touring
- an onslaught of Patagonia’s numerous volcanoes: many lie in close proximity in the Lake District (our home), and are within easy reach in little time (October is ideal)
- guided backcountry trips with the option to ski mountains never skied before: plentiful unexplored territory

There is truly something for everyone wanting to explore skiing in South America (including a hot spring to jump into at the end of a long day!). Get in touch and we can send you details of what’s on offer according to your level or wishes. 

TWO Bariloche trips scheduled for this season 
- 9 day touring trip for toughies ... 
- 6 day luxury trip for those wishing to apres ski in style!

Do you R.I.P.?

Bariloche ski resort - warm up zone 
Bariloche side country 
Bariloche Backcountry Drop
Andean Peaks
Volcano Skiing

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