Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Spring Nature Explorer - September to November 2012

A stackable itinerary for nature lovers from around the world featuring ...
- the world's largest population of Southern Right Whales
- Magallenic penguin colonies

- South American sea lions and elephant seals

- Wildnerness camp sea kayak expedition (suitable for beginners) in a truly remote and untouched location

- visit to a remote penguin colony with lesser rhea and guanaco, en route to

- a remote Estancia stay - a pristine coastal faraway paradise for nature lovers that will take your breath away, with daily activities to observe diverse marine and Steppe fauna - penguins, giant petrols, sea lions, foxes, guanacos, rheas and armadillos amongst other species

- riding for the equestrian exploring
Steppe and pristine beaches
- marine and land birdwatching


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