Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sea, sun, seals, sunsets and stars! Kayak trip in late December - spaces left! Península Valdés three-day Kayak Trip: 26th - 28th of December 2011

The Península Valdés is located on the Patagonian coast in the province of Chubut. This geographical accident, resulting in a perfect habitat and haven for extraordinary fauna and flora, was declared as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999. It is home to an extensive variety of wildlife which includes various colonies of marine birds, breeding areas for South American elephant seal and sea lion colonies, dolphins, orcas, and much more. Its biggest attraction is the Southern Right Whale that migrates there every year for breeding and calving. Amongst its other protected wildlife we encounter guanaco, rhea, Magellanic penguins and migratory marine birds, and not to forget, the endemic Patagonia Mara almost exclusively found on the Peninsula.

Join us for an exclusive Sea Kayak trip to discover and experience close encounters with the best of Patagonia ́s wildlife and natural wonders, a mini wilderness adventure for recreational sea kayakers. Our short itinerary features days paddling on pristine waters, with seals barking in the background as they slide into the water to join us, and nights under the Southern Cross. Kayaking in the Valdés Peninsula is all about fun and adventure.

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