Sunday, 21 November 2010

Spring Explodes!!! Notes from Utopia

After a hugely successful Spring Nature Explorer in November, it looks like Spring is finally here! Long sunny days, flat lakes and very little wind, and lupins  coming out en mass to salute an enormous full moon. 

The Spring Explorer visited Iguazú, the Península Valdés and San Carlos de Bariloche. 
We were extremely lucky with wildlife and weather ... we hope the photos speak for themselves and our new nature-explorer brand  

Nature In Patagonia

Now, could it be time for some fishing ... ?!

Elephants seals

Magdallenic penguin

Oyster catchers


Penguins, petrols and elephant seals sunbathe in Patagonia

Spot the condor!

Another stunning day ends in Argentina

Whale tail

Time for a dip?

Smile ... you're in Patagonia!

Southern Right Whale, Patagonia, Argentina

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