Sunday, 31 October 2010

Passing through? Riding On The Move ideas for November and December...

Spring is here! Retama is flowering and beautiful lupins are visible at the roadside ... soon  our mountain valleys will be filled with stunning Spring flowers: yellow, pink, purple and blue - truly a sight to see.

Two Spring Riding On The Move picks:

The Best of 'La Linda' programme involves daily riding around the stunning Mount Tronador, in a very beautiful mountainous area two hours south-west of San Carlos de Bariloche. 

It is one of our ‘Riding With a Roof’ options (with no camping), no bad thing for the time of year. The weather is very hard to predict ... you might not see a cloud in the sky during your entire time here or it might rain ... such is the nature of the paradise we call home! 

Based in the heart of the astonishingly beautiful Nahuel Huapi National Park, we enjoy a series of day-rides from Pampa Linda, exploring Mount Tronador’s millennial ice and more of the extraordinary features of the area on horseback, returning to the comforts of a HosterĂ­a and a roaring fire each evening. 



Our Spring Steppe Magic programme (with some camping) is in the dryer ‘pre-cordillera’ between the Andes mountains and desert-like steppe. It is an opportunity experience real untainted gaucho family life and its intertwinement with the horse, staying with the enormously welcoming Chamorro family. An enormous area of the beautiful Nahual Huapi National Park can be explored on horseback whilst combining nights in the family's riverside cabin, mountain refuges and tents. The family's intricate knowledge of this land provides the chance to explore some truly unique and normally inaccessible territory.

The home of the Chamorro family is in a magical valley, by a glistening tributary of the Limay. By day we enjoy the delicious sweet aroma of flowers beneath soaring mountains and colourful rock, kingfishers, sandy river beaches, weeping willows and turquoise pools. By night the sparkling rivers and beautiful rock formations are blanketed by a covering of stars so plentiful that you will not be able to believe your eyes.
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We believe our local knowledge and friendships to be unique; as well as helping our clients design a once in a lifetime experience in Patagonia, we aim to be a valuable source of travel and sporting knowledge for all potential and / or current travellers in the region. Please feel free to contact us for advice! We are happy to answer any query whatsoever.

See you soon!

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